Work Samples

User interviews (Campbell Soup Company employee intranet & directory)

User interview question and answers
  • Developed list of open-ended questions
  • Asked representative users and stakeholders to answer questions in-person or via remote desktop sharing and phone
  • Used answers to identify user interface design requirements and develop personas
  • Also Experian.

Personas (Girl Scouts of the USA)

Girl Scouts persona page
  • Performed user interviews
  • Identified representative user types
  • Wrote personalized summary of needs for each user type
  • Researched & purchased representative user images
  • Also Campbell Soup.

Use cases (Girl Scouts of the USA)

Girl Scouts use case page
  • Performed user interviews
  • Identified user tasks
  • Wrote steps describing user inputs & system outputs
  • Iterated uses cases with client
  • Utilized use cases for wire frame designs
  • Also Grainger, [BigData Company].

Requirements ( prioritized requirements
  • Co-wrote requirements
  • Identified business requirements and user needs
  • Prioritized requirements
  • Wrote use cases
  • Proritized use cases
  • Assigned requirements to phases
  • Reviewed and iterated work with client
  • Also Campbell Soup Company, Experian.

Information architecture (AOL)

AOL site map
  • Reviewed existing site
  • Performed user interviews
  • Identified user requirements
  • Organized content & functions into sections and sub-sections
  • Iterated with clients
  • Also Campbell Soup Company, Experian, NASCAR.

Wireframes (Citigroup)

Citigroup Portfolio Manager Desktop Home page

Employee intranet (Campbell Soup Company)

Campbell Soup Company employee intranet Home page
  • Interviewed users and stakeholders
  • Co-wrote personas
  • Designed interaction wireframes
  • Improved design based on user feedback
  • Wrote design specifications
  • During development answered developer questions and created new designs
  • Received Nielsen Norman Group "Intranet Design Award."

Mobile application (Find a Cave)

Find a Cave mobile application

Mobile, Wearable Computer (Georgia Poultry Federation)

Poultry inspector and wearable computer
  • Worked with interdisciplinary team to design hardware and software user interface for novel wearable computer (before Google Glass)
  • Researched user needs
  • Selected microphone input device and audio headset output device
  • Designed user interface for voice recognition application for mobile, hands-free poultry plant quality assurance inspectors
  • Successfully field-tested wearable computer and application.

Interactive mockup (Fleet Bank Galaxy Funds)

User interview question and answers

E-commerce user interface (Home Depot's first online store)

User interview question and answers
  • Wrote proposal and functional requirements
  • Co-designed information architecture and user interfaces
  • Created interactive mockup
  • Co-led client design reviews
  • With interdisciplinary design team, wrote user interface design specifications
  • Also Grainger, Orbitz.

Usability evaluation (IBM DataInterchange)

Usability test log page

Design specifications (Campbell Soup Company)

Campbell interaction design
specification page
  • Co-wrote design specification
  • Captured screens from interative mockup or wireframes
  • Described how each control worked on each page
  • Reviewed specification with client and programmers
  • Updated specification during development
  • Also  Experian, NASCAR design specification.

Interaction design style guidelines (Career Education Corporation)

Career Education Corporation interaction design style guide page
  • Created annotated wireframe interaction design templates
  • Captured templates from wireframe drawings
  • Described design approach, application navigation design, & how each control worked on each template
  • Reviewed interaction design style guide with clients
  • Updated interaction style guide
  • Also Chubb Insurance, Java accessibility.